To all those drivers that wouldn’t let me into that lane,  you are all actual idiots. To the lady that did, eventually, let me in, thank you.

Yes, we’re all stuck in a gigantic traffic jam. Yes, we’re all pretty pissed off and probably blaming the Ryder Cup. But my little car won’t make a difference in what time you make it home. What will make a difference is if i start to turn into your lane because it appears you are being a darling and letting me in and then you SPEED UP and nearly bump my car. The difference it would make is that I would want to punch you and curse you and shout at you. I would of course do this all in my head because I am a wimp. I would actually probably cry. And it would all be your fault.


Tim Walker

Loving this Tim Walker photograph.


This is so perverse:

Justin Bieber claims that he’s 16, but I think he’s really 8. Who thought that getting him to sing songs, that would still be creepy if sang by an adult, would be a good idea. And the video is even more weird. I wouldn’t recommend watching all of it. It’s dreadful. The best bit comes after 1.48 mins. – a maaagical treasure hunt for his heart. Puke.

Here are some (extra) points that annoy me:

1 – his hair is really bad.

2- he looks horribly young.

3 – he could afford nothing for a girl but a chuppa chup. he’s a child. ‘expensive chocolate’, my bum.

4 – “I’ll shower you with kisses”, “I’ll make every moment magical”, – i just threw up in my mouth a little.

5 – He looks like a child.

Seriously, I’m so creeped out by Justin Bieber. PLUS he makes this happen:



Dear Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha,

What has HAPPENED to you?! I’m not angry, i’m just disappointed.


Hello there


I have a new blog. You may be thinking, “Erm, why? you hardly ever update this one”.

Well dears this will consist of lots of pretty pictures and short scribblings and will hopefully be updated far more regularly than this old thing.

If anyone actually reads this and wants to check me out more regularly. OR, if you just like pretty things then click  HERE.


‘Up’ fun.

This is so clever and so sweet.

Super Excitement!!

I am so excited for next weekend. Three of my favourite things are coming together in an event I have been looking forward to for aaaaaages.

Alice in Wonderland + Tim Burton + Johnny Depp = PERFECTION.

If I were to type my excitement it would look a little something like this: ANRIEHTFDGDFGBORKRMOFIDHGNDBV HEHNSHNFNDJNGNKFG!!!!!!!!

(photo via WeHeartIt)



Dear ‘this outfit’

 Oh swoon. You would make any man look simply delicious. Especially this guy because he is hot stuff.


Bublé Wedding

Michael Bublé is engaged to a 22 year old girl. That’s basically me, except it’s not me. Poo! He has such a smooooth voice. That girl is one lucky lady!